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About FSD

About FSD

First Step Digital was born in 2014 over a cup of coffee.. Founding Members were happy in their corporate lives but could feel something missing, to fill this Void FSD was formed with a vision to support, launch and do business/es which offer a niche, which fill a potential GAP…..


Everything in our life starts with the first step. All great accomplishments, all achievements, all initiatives which have today become ‘milestones’ – were all started with someone gathering the courage to walk away from the ordinary, by doing something away from routine, by taking the first step…

Why the name - ‘First Step’

The idea behind ‘First Step Digital’ is making such journeys across industries possible by daring to launch businesses which others discourage…

Whether it’s our own initiative or someone else’s business Idea, ‘FSD’ will be known for taking pride in taking the very first step and offering unique solutions, esp in times when it is needed the the most.

Know your Pee-Buddy

A revolutionary product for women who hate dirty toilets when travelling for work/Leisure or those with medical condition [ Joint Pains/Pregnancy etc ].

"PeeBuddy´s first and foremost concern is hygiene. No more UTI´s, No more dirty toilets. Now with PeeBuddy ­ a simple USE & THROW product, women can STAND & PEE in all unfriendly toilets.

  • Made from coated paper (waterproof).
  • Effective for urinating in public / dirty toilets
  • For single use only, throw after use.

Unique Features

  • Public Toilet
  • Airport/Flight Toilet
  • Hospitals & Medical Needs
  • Highways & Outdoor
  • Railway & Metro
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pH-balanced | no alcohol

INWI Wipes are hypoallergenic and ideal for intimate areas, contains fruit extracts to leave you refreshed and moisturized

Directions to use

Unique Features

  • Ideal for Intimate Areas incl. Under Arms, Breast & Bikini Area
  • Leaves you refreshed
  • Easy to carry, Use on the go
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pH-balanced | no alcohol

MUWI Wipes are hypoallergenic and ideal for multi use right from Hands, Face to Surfaces, Toys etc.

Directions to use

Unique Features

  • Ideal for Body Parts (Face/Hands) and surface
  • Thoroughly cleanses the area
  • Leaves you refreshed
  • Easy to carry, Use on the go
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Know Your Bodyguard Patch

Premium mosquito repellent patch safe for all groups, including children DEET free, contains no harmful chemicals perfect for indoor & outdoor activities effective for more than 12 hours.

Directions to use

  • Each strip contains 2 patches
  • Pull out the patch from strip
  • Peel off the protective film
  • Stick the patch on clothes
  • Dispose off after use

Unique Features

  • 12 hours + protection
  • No harmful chemicals
  • 100% natural
  • Perfect for indoor & outdoor activities
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Probably India's First

I Love Clean is best for Hygienic Disposal of Intimate Care Products (Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Panty Liners, Baby Diapers, Condoms, PeeBuddy) or General products (which need discreet disposal).
No More Black Plastic Bags, No More Newspaper,

Unique Features

  • Easy to carry
  • Biodegradable
  • Scented
  • Tamper proof

Directions to Use

  • Take out I LOVE CLEAN Bag from the Box
  • Insert the product to be disposed off from the open end of the bag
  • Take off/remove plastic under the flap (for the adhesive to work)
  • Press & Paste the flap properly (to protect it from opening)
  • Dispose Off (PLEASE DON’T FLUSH, THROW in a BIN)
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‘Anti Stain: Sweat Pads’

We all sweat. However, for those who sweat excessively, you now have Sirona’s ‘Anti Stain : Sweat Pads’ to become your new Best Friend. With our easy to use, disposable pads you don’t need to worry about stains & embarrassment. Just put Sirona’s ‘Anti Stain: Sweat Pads’ on the inside of garment and forget sweat stains. These are simple to use garment liners and come with a self adhesive glue. These are suitable for all garments & can be used by both males & females.

Material Details
Weight (single pad) 2.2±0.2g
Style Disposable, Ultra thin
Material Composition Non-woven, Dust free paper, sticker
Directions to use

Peel off the sticker sheet from each pad.

Inverse your top wear & paste the pad on the area where the sleeve is attached to the shoulder. (The area that covers your under-arm).

Enjoy a stain & odour free day.

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Directions to use


Pull the inner tube till the bottom of the outer tube.


Place the round tip into your vaginal opening.


Push the inner tube using your index finger while holding the outer tube with your thumb & middle finger.


Remove the plastic applicators & dispose them off.

Why Select
  • QUALITY – Registered & Approved by FDA.
  • PRODUCTION - Manufactured at one of the best factories in Europe.
  • DISCREET - Smaller than traditional applicators & highly absorbent.
  • FUNCTIONALITY - Expands in width for a perfect fit & zero leakage.
  • COMFORT – Smooth & rounded applicator tip for easy insertion.

Removal & Disposal of used Tampons

  • Sit on the toilet seat and gently tug the chord to pull out the tampon.
  • Do not flush the wrapper, applicator or a used tampon into WC.
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‘Provides relief from cramps during those difficult days’


Sirona 'Pain Relief Patches' are 100% herbal patches and are a must have for women during those monthly troublesome days. A simple formula, it relaxes the muscle and provides discrete, continuous and non-messy relief from pain and muscle cramps. Sirona Pain Relief Patches is recommended in pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, and during cramps.

Now don't let the muscle pain hold you back, wear them to social outings or office under your clothes and have a relaxed, pain free day.

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Directions for use

Take out the strip from cover

eel off the protective liner from the cuts in the middle

Place it uniformly over the pain affected area - lower Back or lower abdomen (below the belly)

Dispose in the bin after use

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